How Dreams Guide Us Towards a Sweeter Future

Last night I had a dream that I will probably remember for years. I was so amazed the moment I woke up that I immediately I rushed to write down what I remembered from my nightly vision. As is usually the case with dreams, a few details got lost in the thick fog of forgetfulness, but I managed to register most important facts, including the primary reason why I got so excited.

My dream felt like this song

For the past few weeks, an unsettled planetary situation in the sky has given me a couple of nightmares set in the past of my school days. These less pleasant dreams usually revolved around an authority figure shaming me for being myself or for doing something questionable (but essential to my growth). They were similar to some painful situations from my real life, which I had totally repressed many years ago. I may add that each entry in my dream journal is also described and interpreted in astrological terms. For instance, the concept of home and inner security becomes the fourth house, someone’s harsh speech seems to me like Rahu in the second house, the previously-mentioned authority figure shaming me for using aggression or force becomes Sun shaming Mars (in Vedic astrology, one can feel ashamed about using the traits symbolised by a particular planet and this quality is known in Sanskrit as Lajjita). As my whole life is centred around Jyotish, it feels natural to depict my Svapna Avastha, the dreaming state of my consciousness, in astrological terms.

An amazing thing about my dream last night is that it pertained to future, not past. Although the imagery in my dream was quite realistic and contained very few surreal or bizarre themes, everything felt so ethereal and breathtaking. In essence, it represented one possible karmic pathway I could take now! The emotions I felt there were as intense as if it was all real. The vision was coloured by my hopes and wishes (the eleventh house), which, were then simultaneously realised and shattered. It turned out that some things weren’t as great as my seemingly logical waking-state thoughts (Jaagrat Avastha) suggested. Yet I did not feel disappointed. There was no sight of cruel Shani trying to teach me his harsh karmic lessons. Quite the contrary, the dream was presented to me in a very gentle and non-invasive way. A compassionate and loving force guided me towards proper understanding. It was something profoundly Jupiterian, I even got a bar of sweet chocolate in the dream! What would we do without benefics!

This spectacular nightly vision gave me so much clarity and wisdom. If you want to encourage a friend to become a better version of themselves, guide this person with Jupiterian compassion, benevolence, and love. Instead of focusing on what they can’t do or what they should not have done, show them the vast vista of their full potential!

If you would like to learn more about how Vedic metaphysics explains the three common states of consciousness, I can highly recommend you reading René Guénon’s masterpiece Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta.

May your dreams be as sweet and blissful as the taste of Soma, the mystical nectar containing Madhu Vidya, the honey-knowledge of Supreme Self.


3 thoughts on “How Dreams Guide Us Towards a Sweeter Future

  1. This was so beautiful to read, the energetic quality of the dream is coming through your webpage, and I love how you’ve woven Jyotish principals into the meaning. The bar of chocolate made me smile. People bloom and transform under the Jupitarian love and compassion you’ve described.


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