Capricorn Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

Having Capricorn rising means that your personality is endowed with a sense of responsibility, honesty, seriousness, and tenacity. You generally enjoy simplicity and minimalism. You have a down-to-earth approach to life and you can be good at service and menial tasks or jobs. You take promises, vows, and agreements very seriously, so you rarely say what you do not mean and most people may consider you punctual, trustworthy, and reliable.

The Effects of Exalted Mars in Capricorn

In Vedic astrology, each planet has an exaltation sign. Within the exaltation sign, there is also a degree of deep exaltation where a planet is functioning at its best. An exalted planet is extremely strong in its nature and its purity can be compared to a refined gem. Each exalted planet will be defined by … Continue reading The Effects of Exalted Mars in Capricorn