3 Key Traits of Emotionally Mature People

In today’s post, I would like to present three key qualities of emotionally mature people. The topic is presented from a unique astrological perspective. You will learn how to achieve greater emotional maturity and stability by mastering your natal planets. Before we begin, here is something tranquil and soothing that you may want to consider playing in the background when you read my words.

They communicate clearly and efficiently, combining direct expression with a sense of tact. While it is true that not everyone was born with a strong natal Mercury, the planet responsible for communication, there is no excuse for not striving towards improvement in this matter. In one possible instance, when Mercury is combust (too close to the Sun), a person experiences feelings of vulnerability when making requests, asking questions, setting boundaries, and generally getting their practical needs met. These unresolved interpersonal difficulties usually lead to frustration and resentment. When direct communication is impaired, a need for gossip arises. There is nothing more damaging and toxic than talking behind people’s backs. Emotionally mature people avoid malicious trash-speech and other forms of passive-aggressive communication. They steer away from scandals or belittling people in their absence. Whenever they have a problem with someone, they talk directly with the person in question.

Bringing up difficult and stressful topics is not always easy. It requires both courage and gentle consideration of someone else’s feelings. Yet emotionally mature people approach such delicate situations using Venusian traits of tact, diplomacy, and politeness. If there is a need for some force and pressure, they utilise a higher octave of Mars to set clear boundaries and maintain assertiveness. Many emotionally immature people will agree to anything and everything hoping that everyone will eventually like them. This never works. Emotionally mature people set boundaries with intelligence and adaptability, not brute violence and coercion. Such individuals tend to choose their words carefully and are less prone to using abusive language. Remember: Mars is exalted (at its full strength) in the cool-headed and quietly persisent sign of Capricorn, not the impulsive and rebellious Aries!

They recognise the crucial importance of learning from difficulties, obstacles, and losses. The goal of Saturn is to teach us that sometimes it is okay to lose or to suffer injustice and undesirable conditions. People with a strong natal Saturn let their mistakes and negative experiences guide them towards wisdom and deeper understanding of life. They don’t get angry and throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way. They also practice the Stoic art of negative visualisation. For instance, they may consider material possessions they value most in their lives and then envision losing those things. As a result, they develop a sense of gratitude and appreciation for blessings, for they perfectly realise their impermanence. In the words of Seneca: he robs present ills of their power who has perceived their coming beforehand.

They intuitively sense subtle changes in their emotional environment and understand how they affect their mood and productivity. A healthy emotional environment is a space that enhances one’s mental well-being and provides stability that allows an individual to fulfil their needs. When an emotionally mature individual is surrounded by people (or circumstances) who subtly yet habitually disrespect their boundaries or discourage personal growth, he or she will intuitively sense that something is not right and attempt to change that. In my personal experience, whenever my closest emotional environment becomes toxic, I feel as if a big, dark cloud obscured the solar radiance of my inner peace, creativity, and inspiration. Moon is not the strongest planet in my horoscope, but I have learned to act upon its flashes of intuitive guidance. Every time I sense that something disrupts my emotional environment, I try to logically determine what’s the matter and how I can fix that imbalance before it grows and entirely shatters my mental well-being. Thankfully, my curiously powerful Mars allows me to do that.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. If you would like to achieve greater emotional maturity by mastering your natal planets, please check out my updated SERVICES section. I have recently added a new reading option (Behaviour Reading), which focuses on how the planetary strengths and weaknesses (Shadbala) inherent to your horoscope have shaped your behaviour and personality.



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