My Books

I have published four books so far. You can get them from Amazon. Depending on where you live, please check out your local division of Amazon for cheaper and faster shipping.


“Mysteries of Late October” is a collection of over 300 haiku and tanka poems inspired by autumn. The poems illustrate how typical autumnal themes of changes, endings, departures, sadness, grief, and melancholy find their expression in natural phenomena, fauna and flora, as well as daily human life. The purpose of this volume is to encourage the reader to experience the months of September, October, and November in a deeper and more mindful way. “Mysteries of Late October” is a perfect lecture for long, cold evenings and serene hikes in nature.



“Celtic Worlds”, is an encyclopaedic journey into ancient and early medieval Celtic religion, history, and folklore. The book is a unique collection of haiku poetry inspired by typical autumnal atmosphere of incessant rain, bone-chilling wind, and dense fog, as well as pale sunlight and forests dressed in fire and gold. It also includes comprehensive commentaries, which aim to explain the meaning and significance of traditions, customs, deities, and historical events depicted in the poems. The book is a mythical peregrination across ancient Celtic lands. It begins in the lush forests and the fertile plains of Gaul. Then, it leads through the tin mines of Cornwall and the rugged hills of Wales and northern Britain. The journey continues through the lochs and mountains of Scotland, to finally end at the western shore of Ireland.



Wintertide Rites is a collection of haiku poems inspired by ancient Indo-European spirituality and traditions. The poems explore the typical winter themes: hibernation, coldness, slowness, introspection, and death. The present volume is not just a collection of poetry – it consists of comprehensive commentaries, which aim to explain the meaning and significance of religious traditions and customs depicted in the poems. The crucial importance of spiritual practice and devotion to the deities in the ancient world has also been emphasized. Haiku poems, with their focus on describing beautiful, yet meaningful, transitory moments can perfectly illustrate how the eternal influences the temporal.



Forgotten Roots is a compilation of philosophical essays and reflections on the spiritual condition of people in the 21st century. The essays explore the connection between the symptoms of the epidemic of modernity: depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, and their causes: the rotten foundations of our civilisation, the disconnection of modern people from their own cultural roots, and a lack of spiritual purpose in their lives. The book aims to show meaningful ways in which individuals who are inwardly detached from the insanity of the modern world can return to the old ways of our ancestors, radically opposite predominant trends and fashions, and lead spiritually fulfilling lives.
Note: This book was published a few years ago in 2019 and while I believe it still contains some valuable and thought-provoking material, some of my views and opinions presented there have slightly changed. Therefore, I plan to write a sequel to Forgotten Roots.



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