What is Vedic astrology?

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is an ancient Indian science which explains the influence of planetary motions and positions on human life.

Which Zodiac do you use?

Unlike most Vedic astrologers (who use only Sidereal Zodiac), I combine Tropical Zodiac for calculating planetary placements and Sidereal Zodiac for timing of future events through the position of fixed stars (Nakshatras). In my experience, this unique blend of two systems tends to give very accurate results and there is also some scriptural evidence that Tropical Zodiac was the original system used by the earliest ancient Vedic astrologers. If you are curious about this topic, you can read more HERE.

If you get an astrological reading from me, your planetary placements are going to be the same as if you were consulting a typical Western astrologer. However, the interpretation of your horoscope is going to be based on the wide array of techniques from ancient and medieval Vedic texts.

How did you come across Vedic astrology?

I started learning Vedic astrology back in 2017. I stumbled upon David Frawley’s famous book Astrology of the Seers which introduced me to the vast subject of classical Indian astrology. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours on studying, researching, and practicing this fascinating branch of occult knowledge. My main teacher is Ernst Wilhelm, but I have also learned from the courses, books, and videos by other well-known astrologers such as Komilla Sutton, Dennis Harness, Vic DiCara, Ryan Kurczak, and Robert Svoboda.

What kind of services do you offer?

My services are divided into two categories: full birth chart readings and specific area readings. Please purchase a full birth chart reading if you would like to get a comprehensive interpretation of your whole life in astrological terms. If you are only interested in a specific area such as career, romantic relationships, health, spirituality, etc. you can benefit from the latter category. Clicking on the name of the service will lead you to a relevant Etsy page where you can find more details.

Full birth chart readings are divided into three tiers. The higher tiers contain much more information such as analysis of divisional charts and in-depth future predictions.

Specific area readings

Are your readings personalised or computer-generated?

All my readings are hand-written and personalised by myself, including many mathematical calculations explaining the strength of your planets. I only use software to generate the images of your natal chart. Other than that, everything you will read in your report comes from several years of extensive research and studies that I have conducted myself. Please note that I tend to spend at least 8-10 full hours working on a full birth chart reading (even more for advanced reports), in order to ensure that you have most personalised and accurate information.

Do you accept cancellations or refunds?

Due to the amount of work, time, and energy required to complete your readings, I do not accept cancellations or refunds. However, in case you are not satisfied with your order, please let me know and will immediately cooperate with you to solve the problem.

What if I cannot afford a full birth chart reading?

This is understandable. In case you cannot afford a full birth chart reading, please consider checking out my specific area reports mentioned above. They are cheaper and may answer your most crucial questions. Moreover, I regularly post on my website new articles interpreting certain astrological placements.

Can destiny be changed?

In my view, very few events are completely inevitable; the vast majority of potential outcomes visible in a birth chart can be modified or even nullified completely once you become conscious of them and make a sincere effort to change. In my astrological readings, I often give personalised remedies for specific problems indicated by the horoscope.