Here are some reviews and testimonials that I have received from my clients:

“I purchased the advanced astrology reading from Karol as a starting point for my journey towards understanding myself and my place in this world. I didn’t realise how truly valuable this reading would be. It gave me insights into myself that I wouldn’t have accepted nor understood if it hadn’t been so well explained. Coming from a background of business and science, astrology wasn’t always something that I took seriously, but the reading has definitely changed my perspective. I have begun a journey of further self-improvement and understanding by implementing various Ayurvedic principles and remedies to heal certain aspects of my life. All of this thanks to the inspiring report and advice from Karol. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone with an interest in astrology who is willing to understand their place under the stars.”
Jack O.

“A very broad, useful, and interesting reading. It’s personalised and very extensive, making you contemplate on things you haven’t thought about before, and giving you new perspectives on different aspects that make up one’s life. Especially the in-depth analysis makes it a different reading than the more common and superficial ones. It was satisfying and interesting to read. If you’re looking for a genuine and personal astrological consultation with extensive elaborations, I would highly recommend the chart reading from Karol. He takes his time for you and it’s noticeable.”
Alexandros S.

“This reading was incredibly detailed and personalized. You can tell he really took the time to read your chart aligned with your questions/interests! I would absolutely recommend to anyone seeking insight to themselves and I would absolutely reach out again! Just the kindest, loveliest, most intuitive person to work with.”

“Karol is pleasant and gives you the feeling you’re dealing with an old friend. The comprehensive report that he compiled for me is greatly helping me to understand my physical, mental, and spiritual health. Any questions I had were thoroughly answered and he gave great advice! I also recommend his book “Forgotten Roots” and look forward to reading his other books as well!”
David B.

“Karol presented me with a long birth chart reading. I couldn’t recommend him enough. There wasn’t one piece of information that didn’t relate to me in some way. He talked about my personality, health, relationships, passions, hobbies, and future goals so accurately that I was freaked out reading it all. He also provided me with a bunch of tips, folk remedies, and future predictions, which I found helpful and super interesting. I’m still in shock from reading it all, anyone remotely interested, you really won’t regret it!”
Dominika G.

“I doubt you’ll find a better astrological reading on Etsy than Karol’s. As someone who isn’t easily impressed with most so called astrologers, Karol’s reading was incredibly specific and accurate. He has a unique worldview, and coupled with his intuition, makes him a top-tier astrologer that I’d strongly recommend.”

“Karol had made a very thorough astrological birth chart, and he pays great attention to details. His chart analysis is fantastic for someone who wants to know about their personality, and what they need to work on, and their strengths. One of my favourite aspects of this chart was the mantras that were suggested, and would be great spiritually or for affirmations in one’s life.”

“Karol created a detailed and insightful report that resonated with my experiences on both temporal and spiritual levels. He wrote enthusiastically about my strengths and with gentle clarity regarding where I could meet problems if I do not approach life with awareness. I would recommend Karol as a talented and professional Vedic Astrologer.”
Alex K.

“Thank you so much, this was incredibly interesting and many things rang true for me! I’m left with a higher understanding of my current life’s purpose and know that I am on the right track with many things I have already been working on. Highly recommend Karol’s services to anyone interested.”

“I was amazed at how much I recognized myself in your reading while still gaining a lot of new insights and directions. Thanks to your detailed explanation of the different factors in Vedic Astrology, I was able to understand how you come to your conclusions. Many of your readings about my personality, strengths, weaknesses, inclinations, etc. were spot on. One of the most interesting insights has been the importance of Mars in my chart and the probable karmic debt related to this planet’s influence. This coincides perfectly with the start of my current Mars mahadasha in 2018. This was exactly the year when I gained a lot of experience and tremendously grew as a human being. Considering your readings about relationships and women has also been helpful in understanding the struggles I’ve had in this regard.”
Andreas K.

“I decided to purchase an astrology reading from Karol after reading both his book and the content he routinely posts online. The topics he speaks about are inherently noble and authentic, thus my inner skeptic was easily silenced, I intuitively knew this wasn’t some random self-proclaimed “online seer”, looking to make a quick buck via unscrupulous means. After reading my report, I was astonished at its accuracy and not in a wishy-washy way, but in its precise analysis of my character and general life situation. There were some scarily accurate pieces of information that truly applied to me on a deep level. Highly recommended!”

“Karol provided me with a very broad and insightful birth chart analysis. I was truly astonished by how accurate and helpful his descriptions were. I have learned a lot about myself and managed to understand things that seemed confusing before. The reading was pleasant and really clear. I appreciate the fact that Karol also explains some general astrological terms and how to interpret certain aspects. I’m very satisfied with what I learned and I feel more at peace with myself.”
Natalia A.

“Karol’s reading made me confront my deepest insecurities and also certain weaknesses I have been afraid too afraid address. He was direct and honest about the areas in life where I may fail and therefore, must pay extra attention to. I must say that his reading was definitely a thorough and comprehensive guide for my true self rather than a typical reading. His analysis would definitely be helpful in dealing with both present problems and future challenges. My life was carefully documented and detailed in the most enlightening of ways and I would definitely recommend anyone to get his sincere input about your individual chart. For such a reasonable price, his report explains the most intimate and extensive matters.”