Vedic Remedies for Debilitated or Weak Sun

In today’s post, I would like to explain what happens when Sun in a person’s chart is weak or debilitated. I will also recommend some traditional Vedic remedies.

A planet in debilitation is weak in its nature and exhibits very few of its natural beneficial or useful characteristics. It is also considered Sushupta, “sleeping”, so its qualities are in a dormant state. This can be compared to a soldier who is in a deep sleep. He cannot take orders from his general and enemies can easily overpower him.

There are many possible instances indicating the weakness of Sun in one’s chart. Here are some of them:

  • Sun is debilitated in Libra, while its full debilitation (most painful effects) occurs when this planet is in 10 degrees of Libra.
  • Sun strongly aspected or conjunct with Saturn.
  • Sun strongly aspected or conjunct with Venus or in the sign of Taurus.
  • Sun conjunct with Rahu or Ketu, especially when Mars or Saturn is also placed in the same house.
  • Sun low in Shad Bala (planetary strength), especially when it does not meet its required percentage in most Balas.
  • Sun weak in divisional charts, as indicated by its low Vimshopaka Bala score.

When several of these factors combine, a traditional Vedic remedy is a necessity. If you would like to preview your Vedic natal chart and see where your Sun is placed, please see the CALCULATOR. If you are new to Vedic astrology and would like to learn more about the strength of your Sun (and all your other planets), as well as receive more personalised remedies for your problems, please consider checking out my affordable birth chart readings HERE.

What does it mean, however, when a person’s natal Sun is not very strong?

When the Sun is weak, there is a lack of steadfastness and self-assurance at times. A person may easily succumb to social trends or desires instead of focusing on their inner inspiration and goals. He or she may look for compliments and motivation from their partner or peers to feel good about themselves. Sticking to commitments can be difficult and leadership qualities will most likely be missing. The relationship with one’s father could be troublesome or distant. A weak or debilitated Sun usually creates some health problems. With the purifying fire of the Sun being weakened, an individual’s vitality and ability to recover from diseases will be compromised. Poor eyesight is another possibility. People with debilitated Sun (especially on the ascendant) are often self-conscious about their hair or they can have issues with hair loss and baldness.

The following is a list of both traditional and modern remedies for an afflicted Sun. If you would like to improve the strength of this planet, pick a few of these suggestions and try to implement them in your daily life.

  • Rise early in the morning.
  • Spend more time outdoors in the sun. Get more Vitamin D, also from food.
  • Wear more bright, clean, transparent, and warm colours, especially on Sundays. In general, yellow, gold, and orange colours are the best.
  • Do Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation) yoga posture in the morning, preferably facing eastwards, while looking at the rising sun. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do it.
  • Take more initiative and play a leadership role in one or another part of your life. Public speaking is another good idea.
  • Learn to praise yourself in a healthy and constructive manner. Negative self-talk has to be reduced.
  • Instead of looking at what your peers do, develop your own identity, self-assurance, and spend more time in solitude.
  • Solar energy is increased by taking spicy and fiery herbs like cayenne, black pepper, dry ginger, saffron, calamus, and cinnamon.
  • Work on sticking to your commitments.

When it comes to spiritual practice, you can worship Indo-European solar deities of your choice, such as Apollo, Sól, Sunne, Dażbóg, Aryaman, Savitr, Surya. Revering these deities will help you improve the quality of your natal Sun. When it comes to the incarnation of Vishnu, I would personally recommend to worship Lord Rama. Rama is the great dharma king, the foremost prince of the solar dynasty, and the representative of the cosmic order on Earth. His rule is the reign of truth and the divine light. Worshipping Rama can help you increase the solar light in your life as a power of truth, righteousness, and compassion.

Mantra to Lord Rama: Om Ram Ramaya Namah

Mantra to Surya: Om Hreem Sum Suryaya Namah

It is advisable to chant these mantras on Sunday, the day dedicated to Sun. If you don’t feel comfortable meditating and chanting mantras, you can also write them down (preferably 28 or 108 times) in a notebook as an alternative meditative exercise.

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