Vedic Remedies for Debilitated or Weak Moon

In today’s post, I would like to explain what happens when the Moon in a person’s chart is weak or debilitated. I will also recommend some traditional Vedic remedies.

A planet in debilitation is weak in its nature and exhibits very few of its natural beneficial or useful characteristics. It is also considered Sushupta, “sleeping”, so its qualities are in a dormant state. This can be compared to a soldier who is in a deep sleep. He cannot take orders from his general and enemies can easily overpower him.

There are many possible instances indicating the weakness of the Moon in one’s chart. Here are some of them:

  • Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, while its full debilitation (most painful effects) occurs when this planet is in the 3 degrees of Scorpio.
  • Moon conjunct with Saturn.
  • Moon conjunct with Rahu or Ketu.
  • Moon in difficult houses: 6, 8, and 12.
  • Moon low in Shad Bala (planetary strength), especially when it does not meet its required percentage in most Balas.
  • Moon combust (very close to the Sun).
  • Moon weak in divisional charts, as indicated by its low Vimshopaka Bala score.

When several of these factors combine, a traditional Vedic remedy is a necessity. If you would like to preview your Vedic natal chart and see where your Moon is placed, please see the CALCULATOR. If you are new to Vedic astrology and would like to learn more about the strength of your Moon (and all your other planets), as well as receive more personalised remedies for your problems, please consider checking out my affordable birth chart readings HERE.

What does it mean, however, when a person’s natal Moon is not very strong?

In Vedic astrology, the Moon is a primary planet responsible for fulfilling our needs, mostly through inner self-nourishment. It also shows our capacity for being receptive and intuitive. When the Moon is weak, a person’s mind is filled with worries and anxieties. Relaxation, repose, and self-care will be difficult. A native will have a hard time confronting their deepest fears and insecurities and they may struggle with making decisions based on intuitive knowing. Consequently, he or she may escape into substance or emotional addictions. When the Moon is debilitated or conjunct with Rahu, a person may even suffer from demonic possessions due to psychic vulnerability. In any case, confronting one’s inner demons is a predominant theme among those with afflicted Moon. Struggles in this area of life will often result in a person seeing terrifying omens related to snakes (either in dreams or in real life). The lack of emotional security and suppressing one’s deep-seated traumas and vulnerabilities is what causes this peculiar fear of snakes. As Scorpio is the eighth sign, it is connected with themes of death, rebirth, and transformation. Thus, such omens are visible marks that an individual needs to work on sorting these inner issues out.

If the Moon is debilitated, the fixed quality of Scorpio makes it difficult for an individual to change and shows that they may hold on to certain negative emotions longer than necessary. There is a persistent feeling of emotional malnourishment. Interestingly, people with the Moon in Scorpio sometimes report that they had been deprived of their mother’s milk (the relationship with one’s mother could also be troublesome or distant). Afflicted Moon makes it hard for a person to get their essential emotional needs met. Moreover, when the Moon is aspecting or conjunct Venus, someone may have a strong craving to get an unfulfillable amount of their needs met from external sources such as romantic relationships and comforts.

The following is a list of both traditional and modern remedies for an afflicted Moon. If you would like to improve the strength of this planet, pick a few of these suggestions and try to implement them in your daily life.

  • The best colour for the Moon is white. Whiter shades of colours like blue and green are also helpful. Please use more of these colours in your daily attire.
  • Avoid any substance addictions such as alcohol or drugs.
  • Fragrances of white flowers like jasmine, gardenia, lotus, and lily are good for increasing lunar energy.
  • Consider how you can help others in your community, in a nurturing or service-oriented manner.
  • Seek a supportive environment of family and friends.
  • Cultivate deep introspection and work on letting go, forgiving, and healing emotional wounds.
  • When making important decisions, try to listen to your intuitive wisdom more often.

When it comes to spiritual practice, you can worship Indo-European lunar deities of your choice, such as Diana, Selene, Artemis, Chandra, and Soma. You can also offer your respectful obeisances to Vedic Mother Goddesses such as Durga and Kali. Revering these deities will help you improve the quality of your natal Moon. When it comes to the incarnation of Vishnu, I would personally recommend to worship Lord Krishna.

Mantras to Chandra and Soma: Om Cham Chandraya Namah, Om Som Somaya Namah. These mantras should ideally be chanted on Mondays or in the evening, particularly before the time of full moon. The time of the half moon is also good.

Mantra to Durga: Om Dum Durgayei Namah

Mantra to Kali: Om Kreem Kalikayei Namah

Mantra to Lord Krishna: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

One thought on “Vedic Remedies for Debilitated or Weak Moon

  1. This article is God given! For weeks, I have the urge to wear white, yet I have nothing white that is both pretty and practical… I found something right after I’ve read this 😁 And, my mother breastfed me only for 2 months, because ignorant nurse told her to give me water every two hours which disrupted our bonding… Connecting this with debilitated Moon feels like a revelation!


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