Ketu in the 11th House, Rahu in the 5th House

In these series, I would like to introduce you to Rahu and Ketu (the North Node and the South Node, respectively) house placements. If you are curious where your Rahu and Ketu are placed, please click HERE to calculate your chart. I also offer past life readings on my ETSY STORE, in which I go much more deeply into interpreting your Rahu and Ketu. The following is just a basic overview that will help you get some general ideas about Ketu in the 11th house and Rahu in the 5th house.

In Vedic astrology, Ketu shows the focus of our recent past lives, what we perfected in previous incarnations. This is, however, the area where we feel stuck or uptight by not allowing variety and flexibility. Ketu is our safe and familiar castle. The purpose of Rahu is to reveal limitations we impose upon ourselves because we are overly attached to the false sense of security represented by Ketu. Rahu is depicted as a jungle where we feel unsafe and vulnerable. Essentially, it is a field of our inexperience that we need to explore in this life.

If you have Ketu in the eleventh house, this means that in your past lives you had attempted to establish security through connecting with like-minded peers or large organisations. There has been an excess of social living and looking for validation. You also wanted to get awards, titles, and honours. This did not provide you with expected security. Too much networking had probably distracted you from being consistent on your path. It also prevented you from being truthful in your creative self-expression, because you paid too much attention to what other people thought about you. It is also possible that you might have been involved with people who were somewhat negative or made your life worse. In this lifetime, group involvement and social life will not be very satisfying (although this is your area of experience), which may manifest as dislike for small talk and superficial social gatherings.

Rahu in the fifth house shows that you need to focus more on self-development and finding consistency on your path, rather than being concentrated on what your peers think. Disappointments with your social circles will cause you to follow your own inspiration, intelligence, and creativity. You will need to understand that doing things for the sake of acceptance and validation by others may not always work well for you. You will need to determine your true purpose, vocation, and a form of creative expression. Fifth house corresponds to the fifth sign Leo, which is all about managing one’s territory and kingdom. Narrowing your focus would be a good idea. Rahu in the fifth house gives a strong need to express yourself creatively. Education can be an important part of your life, you are naturally curious, always interested in reading and expanding your knowledge either on your own or through formal education. However, you may experience temporary breaks in your formal education, as Rahu is a separating planet. Additionally, there is an interest in learning foreign languages. As the fifth house deals with religious knowledge, you can greatly benefit from spiritual practice, chanting mantras, meditation, or just reading ancient religious scriptures. There is a dissatisfaction with security based on material resources, which urges you to form greater psychological security and trust in your own strength. Finally, lessons learnt from your children will be important in this lifetime.

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