Ketu in the 3rd House and Rahu in the 9th House

In this post, I would like to explain what happens when you have Ketu in your third house and Rahu in your ninth house. These series are dealing specifically with Rahu and Ketu (the North Node and the South Node, respectively) house placements. If you are curious where your Rahu and Ketu are placed, please click HERE to calculate your chart. I also offer past life readings on my ETSY STORE, in which I go much more deeply into interpreting your Rahu and Ketu. The following is just a basic overview that will help you get some general ideas about Ketu in the 3th house and Rahu in the 9th house.

In Vedic astrology, Ketu shows the focus of our recent past lives, what we perfected in previous incarnations. This is, however, the area where we feel stuck or uptight by not allowing variety and flexibility. Ketu is our safe and familiar castle. The purpose of Rahu is to reveal limitations we impose upon ourselves because we are overly attached to the false sense of security represented by Ketu. Rahu is depicted as a jungle where we feel unsafe and vulnerable. Essentially, it is a field of our inexperience that we need to explore in this life.

In essence, having Ketu in the third house and Rahu in the ninth house indicates that that you are coming from a karmic background of social development and in this lifetime you need to focus more on self-development, spending more time alone and developing faith and intuition.

Ketu in the third house shows that in your past lives you had a lot of will, courage, and strength to make things happen. You spent a lot of time on adventures and trips, as well as practically developing your skills, talents, and hobbies. There was an emphasis on socialising with your peers, teammates, associates, and neighbours. You have created security through your rational intellect, relying on information and data, and taking dynamic action. However, in this lifetime you will experience doubts about your knowledge and understanding of life through rational faculties of the mind. There could be a problem with indecisiveness, because you may have a hard time trusting the information that you are provided with. Your mind is generating too many conflicting scenarios and options, which in turn creates anxiety. Rahu in the ninth house indicates the need to focus your energy and talents towards something of higher, spiritual purpose; without a clear sense of purpose and vision (devoting your life to some ideal higher than yourself) you will not make the most of your talents and skills, drifting through life in a scattered and purposeless manner.

In this life, as indicated by Rahu in the ninth house, you will need to develop faith, belief, intuition, and higher philosophy. You will need to have greater faith and belief in things that your rational intellect and logic cannot grasp. It will be important for you to learn that sometimes you just need to simplify your life and go with the flow and trust your gut feeling, even if you do not have enough precise information to make well-rounded decisions based on logic and data. It can be something as simple as not reading a weather forecast and instead just looking at the sky to dress appropriately for going outside. Because in your past lives it was difficult for you to rely on and trust someone else’s interpretation of life, you will now need to learn how to interact with gurus and teachers. There is a need to define your long-term goals and vision in life. Rather than mingling with your peers and friends, you need to spend more time alone and reflect on your higher purpose in life. The paternal relationship can be somewhat difficult or unusual. You may worry about not being able to live up to your father’s expectations or you two may have some ideological disagreements that you will need to sort out.

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