Aries Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics In Vedic Astrology

As an Aries rising, you are dynamic, courageous, determined to be successful, and assertive. According to ancient Vedic scriptures, an Aries rising “uses their eyes”. This means that you set your goals quickly and when you see something worth getting or achieving, you go for it right away. You are mostly concerned with the outer shape of things. It does not mean that you do not care about substance, but you primarily notice appearance and form. Because Aries is a fiery masculine sign, however, you do not always do well in emotional, quiet, and introspective settings. You do not easily reveal your feelings and emotions. You want to look strong and sometimes you may be afraid of being perceived as a weak person, going out of your way to conceal your flaws and shortcomings. It is important for you to assert your boldness, courage, and skills or talents, through your proud and confident speech.

Being an Aries ascendant makes you more inclined to sacrifice your health and peace of mind for your ambitions and desires. Just like a ram, you charge forth, carve your own path through the new ground where others don’t feel safe going. Pioneering and adventurous qualities are inherent to your personality. You are a non-conformist and you have your own unique opinions about life. You enjoy novelty and having new experiences, but you do not necessarily savour them slowly. This can also reflect your quick and rushed eating habits, which may cause health problems with excess acid level in the stomach if you are not careful. In relationships, you do not easily settle down – you enjoy and need freedom, which makes you more prone to have short-term relationships. Sometimes you may appear mean or self-centred to your close ones, but in fact this is simply your independent nature that requires space. Committing yourself to a person is easier when that individual’s presence in your life connected to your goals and ambitions, however. Overall, you can benefit from relationships and partnerships, as they balance out your solitary character.

Because Aries is ruled by Mars, your mind is generally logical and rational, good for scientific ventures and research. During your bad days, you can be argumentative, critical, and opinionated. When you are at your best, however, your powerful and sharp power of perception allows you to easily discern the truth and make great internal or external discoveries. In a spiritual sense, the fiery nature of Aries makes it possible for you to burn off your lower worldly and sensual attachments through discipline and restraint, just like a tenacious and fearless soldier who successfully fights both inner and outer battles.

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