Taurus Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics In Vedic Astrology

Having Taurus rising as your rising sign shows that feminine traits are a bit more enhanced in your physical appearance and personality, whether you are female or male. Taurus is a very feminine sign, because its ruler Venus, earth element, and fixed mode are all feminine. The influence of Taurus broadens your hips and makes your face rounder, especially if you are a woman. It can also make your lips, eyes, and nose larger and more defined. Overall, Taurus gives a substantial and healthy body, because it is connected to Kapha dosha, an Ayurvedic element that provides stability and nourishment to your body. If you are interested in fitness, Taurus gives a boost to easily creating muscle mass. You are also strong and capable of doing hard, slow, and steady work.

As a Taurus ascendant, you can be a very fertile person. Literally, it makes you more likely to have healthy children and if you are a woman, your body is more suitable for giving birth. Symbolically, it shows that you have many creative ideas and a great desire to express them through art or other means. You easily connect to the earth and soil. Perhaps you enjoy working with your hands. In fact, Taurus rising is a perfect sign for engaging in farming and gardening activities, both as a vocation and as a recreational hobby done in spare time. You will get closer to your soul’s purpose if you consider connecting with the soil more, even if it just means keeping a few plants at your home. Having a pet or working with animals would also be recommended to you. However, as a Taurus rising, sometimes you can be too fixed in your goals or your vision of the world. This is why I can recommend you to try new experiences every now and then, as well as spend more time in nature alone, where you can widen your perspective and gain clarity necessary for your mind to function healthily.

Most of the time you are stable and reliable. You do not quickly change your goals or desires, which makes you good at handling responsibilities, as well as rejecting instant gratification for the sake of long-term success. Working on creating wealth and fortune comes to you more naturally. You prefer things and activities that give long-term happiness rather than a quick thrill of pleasure. You enjoy romance and affection, but you are not fickle-minded in this area. Whatever you are feeling, it is likely to last for a long time. In relationships, you are patient and understanding. Sometimes it is easy for you to give more than what you get, you know how to sacrifice your own comfort for the sake of your partner. You enjoy art, fashion, music, perfumes, and colours.

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