Leo Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

Having Leo rising means that your personality is endowed with qualities of pride, nobility, and boldness. Leo is a fire and masculine sign, which emphasises these traits in your personality and physical appearance. First of all, having Leo rising increases Pitta (fire/bile) element in your body. Excess bile in the blood can cause the whites of your eyes to yellow a bit. The influence of Leo usually makes the lower part of your face prominent, squaring and widening the jaws and mouth area, though this can be modified by other factors in your chart. Regardless, your face may have a determined look of a confident person.

You have a healthy sense of pride that prevents you from doing things that are below your dignity. Depending on circumstances, this can be either a positive or negative trait. Positively, it makes you less likely to engage in immoral, squalid, or illegal activities. You are ashamed to use strength in a way that is not sanctioned by the rules and laws, so you generally comply with the law and want others to do the same. However, you can often be angry at injustice, using your noble energy and force to protect the weak from harm and hurt, just like a righteous medieval knight. It is possible for you to sacrifice your own comfort for the greater good. Negatively, you may sometimes be too rigid in your pride, perhaps thinking that you are entitled to good things in life, just because of who you are innately as a person. It should come as no surprise, because people with Leo rising often have strong past life karma related to aristocracy or nobility.

As a Leo rising, you tend to abide by vows and promises. When you make a promise to someone, you are likely to keep it. Intellectually, you are clear and definite in decision making. This is because Leo is ruled by the Sun, the planet associated with one’s higher intelligence, creative inspiration, and the penetrating rays of wisdom. Your thinking can be quite practical and unambiguous, you rarely double think or doubt your decisions. Unlike Aries, the most masculine sign of the Zodiac, Leo is a fixed sign, so it still gives decent appreciation for feelings, emotions, and nurturing. Socially, you like to shine and be appreciated and respected for who you are. You strongly and personally respond to things and situations that are dramatic, sometimes vain. In partnerships and social interactions, it will be important for you to control your pride, try not to be always be the centre of attention, and respect other people’s independence and boundaries. As you set a high standard for yourself, you can become very sad and dejected if you fail or do not succeed as much as you would like to. Last but not least, another interesting fact about Leo rising is that it allows you to easily recharge and become invigorated by solitude and natural beauty found in forests, mountains, and other natural environments.

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