Cancer Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

Cancer rising is more likely to show a more feminine body. This is because Cancer is a female sign ruled by the Moon, a female celestial body. Whether you are male or female, it is possible that you may have a smooth and gentle neck, without many visible bones (such as the Adam’s apple). Women with Cancer rising often have well-defined hips and breasts. Their way of walking is graceful and elegant.

If you are a man with Cancer rising, you have more femininity in your nature, meaning that you see the world more in line with how women see it. Therefore, you usually have fewer conflicts with women and you easily agree with and accept how women in your life would want to do something. You can be a bit shy in intimate settings, however.

If you are a woman with Cancer rising, you are more likely to get along with agreeable men who do not want to force their way of being onto you. You may not be very cooperative with other women, however, which can give rise to some subtle competition with them. It is important to clarify that you are not overly hostile, aggressive, or unfriendly to other females, but sometimes you are just cautious when interacting with them.

Having Cancer rising also indicates that you value human relationships and the exchange of feelings, particularly on a personal level. You do like to surround yourself with friends, teams, groups, and partners. You can immediately sense subtle changes in the feelings and moods of others.

The intelligence of Cancer rising comes from wise and intuitive prudence, as well as discrimination through feeling. You do not rush with things and you do not take non-essential risks. Even if you choose not to become a parent, Cancer increases your maternal nature, meaning that you love to take care of your closest ones or your community with an enclosure of protective feeling, making sure that they are not exposed to dangers. If you are a woman, you are more fertile and it might be easier for you to give birth with fewer difficulties and less pain. As a Cancer rising, you can be ambitious, but not in a hasty, forceful, risk-oriented, or rash manner. You may achieve social popularity and recognition through being sensitive to the moods of groups and the masses.

As a Cancer rising, you value domestic spaces and domestic objects such as furniture, tableware, and cutlery. You appreciate the beauty of living places, which inclines you to have a quality property and a well-decorated and comfortable house. Due to your intuitive prudence that senses forward into future, you feel emotionally fulfilled and content whenever your home and your pantry contains everything you need to live without worrying. Because Cancer is a movable sign, you may, however, change houses multiples times in your life.

Cancer is a water sign. Literally, it indicates that you may enjoy being or living near rivers, lakes, or seas. Swimming or taking baths could be among your favourite activities. Figuratively, you tend to live more inside your emotions and feelings than in the physical reality, because you find greater pleasure in exploring your inner world. Your imagination is powerful and lively. Because Cancer is a Sattvic sign, you have a devotional bent of mind with a good capacity for spiritual practice.

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