Pisces Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

If you have Pisces rising, the water element is very important in your life, both literally and symbolically. Literally, as a Pisces rising you could be prone to wide fluctuations in body weight, because the nature of water is that it moves a lot. However, your body has soft and symmetrical features, it is beautiful and pleasantly pacifying, without many sharp or more masculine traits. When older, Pisces types are physically inclined towards puffiness and plumpness, as well as water retention as a possible health problem. You are more likely to be rewarded better in career endeavours connected to the water element – oceans, rivers, but also liquids such as drinks, lubricants, and creams. You may also simply enjoy spending more time in water environments.

Symbolically, however, your strong connection with the water element reflects your innate ability to navigate the complex world of psychology, emotions, and feelings. Water reflects light, which means that you have a high capacity for contemplation, self-awareness, and forming deep, thoughtful insights. Because Pisces is a mute sign, your inner states are not easily visible on the outside and you are not always willing to talk about them, people may have a hard time understanding what is really going on inside you. Pisces is not an expressive, bold, or demonstrative sign. You are, however, very empathetic — you have the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. All in all, the above mentioned traits can make you a very good psychologist, counsellor, nurse, philosopher, or artist. That being the case, you probably need to learn how to establish clear boundaries and be more assertive in your life. While you are not necessarily naïve, your feeling-centred heart can be abused by people who do not wish you well.

You are not hierarchical or dogmatic in ideological or educational endeavours. You have the rare ability to understand multiple seemingly contradictory points of view. This makes you rather tolerant, able to relate to a lot of different people from various backgrounds, and pleasant to be around. You are curious and well-suited for learning and pursuit of educational degrees. While being broad-minded can be a good trait, you may struggle with committing intellectually to one particular point of view. You are indecisive at times and you are not good at forming clear-cut statements. Sometimes you may care too much about other people’s opinions. You are unlikely to enjoy competition, rivalry, debates, and contests. In times of conflict, you tend to avoid direct confrontation. Unless you are very angry, your high empathy prevents you from wanting to crush or destroy your enemy. Rather, you try to remove the enmity by trying to understand where the other person is coming from, so that you can hopefully find some common ground and cooperation.

You are moral and ethical. Good luck in your life comes through appreciating blessings, being optimistic, and foreseeing the good outcomes of events in your life, rather than focusing on the negatives. You understand the value of commitment in relationships. As a Pisces rising, you easily notice, acknowledge, and praise other people’s achievements and contributions. You are grateful and it is not particularly important for you to be in the spotlight all the time. You are a good follower, student, and promoter of other people’s ideas. You can be ambitious, but you do not feel very comfortable in the role of a leader. Your imagination is boundless and visionary, though not always practical or realistic. In some ancient Vedic scriptures, Pisces is said to be connected to the clouds, which shows that sometimes you can have your head too much in the clouds by being impractical or too much focused on your dreams. Once you embrace the opposite quality of Virgo, however, by developing logical discrimination and putting your idealistic visions into realistic boundaries, you can be a very successful person.

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