Sagittarius Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

This is a description of the rising sign Sagittarius. The main symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur (horse-man) with a bow. In physical terms, having Sagittarius rising enhances your physical strength (“strong as a horse”), resistance to diseases, and overall health. There is a high regenerative ability of your body, which speeds up the process of recovering from diseases and it makes your hair and nails grow faster. It can also make you more sexually potent, for horses are a typical symbol of fertility and virility. Sagittarius ascendant makes your neck longer and lips bigger. The latter refers to your way of speaking, which is lofty, eloquent, and philosophical. Anatomically, Sagittarius related to one’s buttocks, so this means that this part of your body is thicker, wider, and more muscular. The symbolic meaning of the buttocks refers to endurance and your ability to establish and manifest your long-term vision of life in practical terms.

Because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism, you generally have a positive attitude in life. Even during the worst and least promising moments of your life, you still maintain some glimmer of hope and optimism that things can change for the better. You have a strong sense of principle, law, and justice, which inclines you towards ethical and moral behaviour. In a crowd of different people, you are definitely not the first person to do something low, debasing, or unethical. As a result of this development, you tend to have a better relationship with authority figures. The rulership of Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, makes you interested in obtaining knowledge, attending schools and courses, as well as exploring philosophical or religious subjects. Consequently, you are a good student and learning new things comes to you easily. You also give helpful advice to other people and you can become a charismatic and convincing speaker. Your words are meaningful and truthful, because they are coming from a place of deep intuitive knowing and understanding. Since you are knowledgeable and confident, it is difficult to defeat you in a verbal argument and prove you wrong. In times of conflict, however, you tend to be ethical and stay within the confines of what is ethical and lawful. Finally, you are a generous person — you like to care about others by sacrificing your time and resources when a necessity calls for it. You tend to give and appreciate gifts and compliments well.

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