Capricorn Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

This is a description of the rising sign Capricorn. The symbol of Capricorn is a crocodile. Having Capricorn rising means that your personality is endowed with a sense of responsibility, honesty, seriousness, and tenacity. You generally enjoy simplicity and minimalism. You have a down-to-earth approach to life and you can be good at service and menial tasks or jobs. You take promises, vows, and agreements very seriously, so you rarely say what you do not mean and most people may consider you punctual, trustworthy, and reliable. There is an aura of maturity and heaviness surrounding your individuality. As a result of this development, it is difficult to sway your opinions or convince you to change your manners and habits, which could be incorrectly confused with rigidity. However, once you decide to embark upon a particular course of action, you are unstoppable until you successfully achieve your goals, just like a very heavy ball once set in motion and rolling downhill.

As most of the time you see reality clearly as it is, you are not always particularly tactful or soft-spoken in how you interact with others. Sometimes your speech can be considered by others as blunt, forceful, or direct. You are assertive and you easily reject what you do not want to let into your life. You do, however, have a high capacity for delivering charismatic and convincing speeches that involve strong, confident, and honest words. Though the rulership of Saturn can make you a bit melancholic and pessimistic at times, you can be enthusiastic and ardent about ambitions and goals that really matter to you. You enjoy hard work and getting things done. You are oriented towards results and completing your tasks — you want to proceed in a straight line directly to the goal without distractions (in fact, multitasking and distractions are very harmful to your productivity). This can be sometimes frustrating to other people who may enjoy the process more than the results.

You have a high sense of virtue and morality, perhaps you want other people to see you as a good and respectable person. You also want your skills, talents, and achievements to be praised and recognised. You feel comfortable in the spotlight. Being concerned with receiving admiration (Capricorn is a feminine and receptive sign) can lead to fame and popularity, but on a negative note it can make you particularly sensitive to criticism, rejection, and disapproval. I may also add that since you prefer to express your thoughts frankly and openly, without fear of consequences, you may attract the attention of timid and cowardly people who do not necessarily wish you well. At least once in their lives, most Capricorns experience a difficult situation in which they are the object of gossip or slander. In relationships, the influence of Saturn ruling this placement inclines you towards seeing others with an equal mind. You understand that perfection does not exist and that everyone has their own flaws, so you are tolerant of other people’s imperfections and shortcomings.

In terms of your health and physical appearance, the influence of Capricorn makes your body thinner and sometimes gives Vata diseases. Vata is an Ayurvedic element related to the wind, coldness, and dryness. This is why it is so important for you to keep yourself warm, moisturised, and hydrated. Just like crocodiles, you should bask in the sun as often as possible, especially during colder months. You may benefit from applying sesame oil to your skin. It would be recommended for you to have a daily stretching routine, because stiff joints can be another possible health problem related to your Capricorn rising. Figuratively, the influence of the air element inclines you towards spacing out, forgetfulness, anxiety, and restlessness. Delays and obstacles can also be discouraging to you. Therefore, you need to avoid multitasking and always keep yourself focused while working on important goals.

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