How Studying Astrology Teaches You Compassion

One of the first things you learn when studying astrology is that you cannot make snap judgements based on one or two factors in a person's natal chart. While popular perception of astrology in the Western world is formed primarily through superficial and generalised Sun sign horoscopes, those who have been studying it for some … Continue reading How Studying Astrology Teaches You Compassion

Saturn and Survivalism

I have been recently working on my new book Revolt Against the Digital World, which is a sequel to my collection of essays Forgotten Roots. In this volume, I am going to focus on the impact of advanced technology on our lives. I intend to show different ways, in which the modern world reduces everything … Continue reading Saturn and Survivalism

Should Spiritual People Seek Escapism?

One of the most common dilemmas faced by spiritual seekers is whether they should engage in escapist activities or not. In most spiritual circles, we can find individuals who vehemently crusade against anything that does not bring a person closer to God. They frown upon watching shows, playing video games, or reading fantasy and science-fiction … Continue reading Should Spiritual People Seek Escapism?

Why I Don’t Like Social Media. Krishna’s View on Duties.

I have never been good at social media. There is something artificial about this part of the digital world that prevents me from posting new content regularly. The obsession with likes and follows, so characteristic of our quantity-based modern world, is affecting everyone to some degree, no matter how hard we try to resist it … Continue reading Why I Don’t Like Social Media. Krishna’s View on Duties.