Ketu in the 8th House and Rahu in the 2nd House

In this post, I would like to explain what happens when you have Ketu in your eighth house and Rahu in your second house. These series are dealing specifically with Rahu and Ketu (the North Node and the South Node, respectively) house placements. If you are curious where your Rahu and Ketu are placed, please click HERE to calculate your chart. I also offer past life readings on my ETSY STORE, in which I go much more deeply into interpreting your Rahu and Ketu. The following is just a basic overview that will help you get some general ideas about Ketu in the 8th house and Rahu in the 2th house.

In Vedic astrology, Ketu shows the focus of our recent past lives, what we perfected in previous incarnations. This is, however, the area where we feel stuck or uptight by not allowing variety and flexibility. Ketu is our safe and familiar castle. The purpose of Rahu is to reveal limitations we impose upon ourselves because we are overly attached to the false sense of security represented by Ketu. Rahu is depicted as a jungle where we feel unsafe and vulnerable. Essentially, it is a field of our inexperience that we need to explore in this life.

If you have Ketu in the eighth house, this shows that in your past lives you had attempted to establish security through dependence on other people’s resources. These people could have been your parents, partners, friends, or business associates. You could have also benefited from ancestral inheritance. Therefore, your security was less dependent on your resourcefulness and effort, but rather on other people’s support. Following this security paradigm of depending on others had not made your past lives happier. You may have a hard time knowing what are your needs and how you plan to fulfil them. This pattern will characterise your present life, until you learn how to embrace your placement of Rahu. This placement gives past life skills in research and occult sciences such as astrology.

Rahu in the second house indicates that in this lifetime you need to work more on developing your own resourcefulness. You will need to learn how to create abundance through your own effort and concrete actions. You will be forced to find value and security within yourself, depending less on assistance of other people. At first, these attempts will be insecure and partially resulting in failure, because you have no past life memory of succeeding in this very field. You might be insecure about your financial potential or earning capacity and it generally takes you some time to make any savings. People with this placement of Rahu often experience sudden, transformative events and crises that uproot their sense of material or psychological security. They also face some difficult problems related to their family members, because second house relates to one’s family.

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