Ketu in the 6th House and Rahu in the 12th House

In this post, I would like to explain what happens when you have Ketu in your sixth house and Rahu in your twelfth house. These series are dealing specifically with Rahu and Ketu (the North Node and the South Node, respectively) house placements. If you are curious where your Rahu and Ketu are placed, please click HERE to calculate your chart. I also offer past life readings on my ETSY STORE, in which I go much more deeply into interpreting your Rahu and Ketu. The following is just a basic overview that will help you get some general ideas about Ketu in the 6th house and Rahu in the 12th house.

In Vedic astrology, Ketu shows the focus of our recent past lives, what we perfected in previous incarnations. This is, however, the area where we feel stuck or uptight by not allowing variety and flexibility. Ketu is our safe and familiar castle. The purpose of Rahu is to reveal limitations we impose upon ourselves because we are overly attached to the false sense of security represented by Ketu. Rahu is depicted as a jungle where we feel unsafe and vulnerable. Essentially, it is a field of our inexperience that we need to explore in this life.

In essence, having Ketu in the sixth house and Rahu in the twelfth house indicates that you are coming from a karmic background of developing security through practical and material concerns, while in this lifetime there is a greater need for developing more inner strength and focusing more on spiritual life.

Ketu in your sixth house indicates that in your recent past lives you had attempted to create security and happiness through hard and diligent work, overcoming enemies and obstacles, and fighting for survival. You used your intelligence and talents towards being productive and active. As a result, your security paradigm is you think that as long as you exert yourself in the world, work very hard, and put enough effort, then everything is going to work out just fine. In this lifetime, however, you experience a growing discontent with all types of worldly struggles and activities. Finding fulfilment in your job could be difficult. You may slowly realise that hard work and effort do not necessarily make you happier and there is also disappointment when you don’t get the expected reward or acclaim for successfully accomplishing your duties. You are strongly attached to the results of your actions. In your mind, you are constantly fighting a battle for survival, which makes relaxation difficult. Sometimes you may push yourself too far and your physical health will suffer. By trying too hard to make things happen or change some situation, you may even create more problems for yourself.

Rahu in your twelfth house indicates that in this present lifetime you will need to learn to break free from attachment to the results of your actions. Rather than acting only to achieve a specific goal, reward, amount of money, etc. you will need to focus on the duty itself and think less about what happens next. You need to understand that some difficulties in life cannot be overcome, no matter how how hard you try. There is a need to go with the flow, rather than against it, and let things go. This may be difficult for you, because you didn’t develop that quality of character in your past lives. You will also need to learn the crucial value of relaxation, rest, and vacations.

Unhealthy escapism is very much likely with this particular planetary placement, as you may feel overburdened with your duties and responsibilities. Escapism may be present in various forms. It can be something related to substance addictions, emotional attachments, sex, or simply love for distant travel and vacations. Therefore, instead of constantly escaping from your duties, you need to balance work and rest. Do your work, but try not to be overly attached to it. Take a few days off when necessary, but don’t extend your breaks to the point when they endanger your material security. Another good tip would be to become charitable and offer your money or time to those in need. Developmental need of Rahu in twelfth house is also learning how to healthily manage losses, expenses, disappointments, and grief. Ultimately, you will have to establish mindset that feels calm amid the chaos of material world, but also recognises that we have a soul that is always beyond the world.

Applying the principles of Karma Yoga, as taught by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, and letting the fruit of your actions go, will be the best course of your action you can take. Pay attention to the process of accomplishing your duties diligently and humbly, without being overly attached to the results. I think this is a good advice, which you can apply to your life regardless of your religious beliefs.

Here is a relevant quote from one of Deepak Chopra’s books:

Whenever you take action, have the attitude that you are not performing the action. Have the attitude that your actions are really the actions of non-local intelligence, the organising universal spirit. You will begin to notice a great diminution of anxiety. You will also be less attached to the result.

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