Chitra Nakshatra and Cutting Through the Webs of Illusion

It is not always easy for us to see beyond the webs of illusions, which are intricately woven by the spider-like venomous architects of modernity. Some falsehoods are so deeply rooted in people’s minds that they are unlikely to be completely removed after decades or hundreds of years of negative programming and brainwashing. Here are some examples of such deceptive statements:

Just work hard to finish these law studies and you will get a job that will eventually make you rich, happy, and fulfilled. This is the only way to go!

Just spend a few thousand dollars on this expensive gadget that will enhance your social status and make people like you more!

Just trust the media and the government – they do care about your happiness and well-being!

How do we see through these veils of darkness? Let me begin with a story…

In Lord of the Rings, the Phial of Galadriel was a gift that Galadriel bestowed to Frodo Baggins upon the Fellowship’s departure from Lothlórien. The Phial contained the trapped light of the Star of Eärendil, a celestial object that shone in the horizon both in the morning and the evening. As it can be easily guessed, this is a clear reference to Venus. Both Frodo and his companion Samwise used its light to fend off the attacks of Shelob the spider, and escape her lair on the borders of Mordor. Sam later used it to overcome the will of the Two Watchers at the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

The Star of Eärendil within the Phial bears a certain resemblance to Chitra Nakshatra, a lunar constellation that resides within Virgo and Libra signs. These signs are ruled by Mercury and Venus, respectively. Chitra means “bright” or “the brilliant” and it is symbolised by a bright jewel or pearl, reflecting the divine potential of our soul. The pearl is called mukta in Sanskrit, which means “liberated” or “released”. Therefore, the primary goal of Chitra Nakshatra is to transcend the glamour of illusion (maya) in order to achieve enlightenment, moksha.

How do we cut through the webs of illusion, then? By taking advantage of Mercury and Venus, which are both related to Chitra Nakshatra. These planets are similar in their function, but there are also some significant differences between them. As the planet of investigation and research, Mercury helps us find best opportunities and make good decisions based on rational evaluation of facts. In a higher sense, however, Mercury represents buddhi, the higher mind of discrimination, which allows us to see through the veils of falsehood and delusion. The quality of right discernment is very much needed in this dark age of omnipresent deception.

The role of Venus is to obtain necessary fulfilment and nourishment from the world in a way that is not damaging to the self or to others. While Mercury lets us decide what is right and what is wrong, Venus helps a person evaluate which available options are conducive to their happiness, well-being, and fulfilment. Guided by the bright light of Venus, we choose only what will provide us with meaning and fulfilment, not what is popular or fashionable. However, when the energy of Venus is not working properly, we get trapped in the glamorous webs of fashion, luxury, unhealthy passion, and sometimes even sensual degeneracy.

May the light of Chitra help you dispel the deceptive mist of maya surrounding you.

Aum Shanti,


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