Vedic Remedies For Debilitated or Weak Mars

In today’s post, I would like to explain what happens when Mars in a person’s chart is weak or debilitated. I will also recommend some traditional Vedic remedies.

A planet in debilitation is weak in its nature and exhibits very few of its natural beneficial or useful characteristics. It is also considered Sushupta, “sleeping”, so its qualities are in a dormant state. This can be compared to a soldier who is in a deep sleep. He cannot take orders from his general and enemies can easily overpower him.

There are many possible instances indicating the weakness of Mars in one’s chart. Here are some of them:

  • Mars is debilitated in Cancer, while its full debilitation occurs when this planets is in 28 degrees of Cancer.
  • Mars associated with its enemy Mercury or conjunct with Saturn. You also need to check any associations with Rahu and Ketu.
  • Mars low in Shad Bala (planetary strength), especially when it does not meet its required percentage in most Balas.
  • Mars combust (very close to the Sun).
  • Mars weak in divisional charts, as indicated by its low Vimshopaka Bala score.

When several of these factors combine, a traditional Vedic remedy is a necessity. If you are new to Vedic astrology and would like to learn more about the strength of your Mars (and all your other planets), please consider checking out my affordable birth chart readings HERE.

What does it mean, however, when a person’s natal Mars is not very strong?

Having weak or debilitated Mars in your chart may show that dealing with pain, effort, and exertion is a weak area of your personality. You can be weak-willed, timid, and overly fearful. You use your will and logic improperly. In general, there is a difficulty with making things happen the way you want them to be. You can also give up on your fight to live life on your own terms. You are unlikely to be a competitive person. Since most people with Mars in Cancer are rather peaceful individuals, their lack of assertiveness and inner strength can be confused with gentleness or humility. The use of will and strength is imbalanced — you can also fluctuate between being overly aggressive and timid. A house where your Mars is placed will indicate where you direct your will in a way that is unhealthy or unproductive.

The fiery, active, and logical energy of Mars does not feel well in the watery and emotional sign of Cancer. Mars is a general or soldier who tackles obstacles in a very practical manner, using logic, courage, and exertion. Cancer, however, is a Sattvic sign, meaning that spiritual, idealistic, and pure qualities are emphasised there (this is why Jupiter is exalted in Cancer). As we know, being overly focused on imagination and ideals is not really helpful when we need to remove immediate obstacles from our path. Furthermore, when Mars is in Cancer, someone may also identify with negative emotions such as fear. This is not helpful, either. Although there is definitely a noble component inherent to Mars, this planet is exalted in Capricorn, a Tamasic and down-to-earth sign, where Martial will and focus is utilised most efficiently.

The following is a list of both traditional and modern remedies for an afflicted Mars. If you would like to improve the strength of this planet, pick a few of these suggestions and try to implement them in your daily life.

  • Find a healthy way of expressing your Mars energy. Exercise is recommended, preferably outside home (so you don’t have excuses to sit on the couch!). This has to be done with intelligence and adaptability, not force.
  • Martial arts can be used to strengthen your Mars. Yet this method may also cater to a negative Mars influence and bring about seeking of power or prestige for the ego.
  • Make sure that you have more red (or military, khaki) colours of clothes in your wardrobe and wear them on Tuesdays.
  • Work on improving your focus and concentration
  • Try to be more assertive and logical when dealing with interpersonal problems.
  • Herbs and spices recommended for a weak Mars: cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, cayenne, black pepper, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

When it comes to spiritual practice, you can worship Indo-European war deities of your choice, such as Mars, Skanda, Ares, Belatucadros, Indra, etc. Revering these deities will help you improve the quality of your natal Mars. When it comes to the incarnation of Vishnu, I would personally recommend to worship Narasimha.

In the Vedic religion, Narasimha is the fourth avatar (material incarnation) of the god Vishnu. He is the half-lion, half-man fierce protector of dharma and destroyer of evil demons. Vishnu incarnated into the form of Narasimha in order to slay the demon Hiranyakashipu. The latter had obtained special powers which meant he could not be defeated during the day or night, inside or outside, by any weapon, nor by man or animal. Narasimha approached his foe at dusk (at the brink of day and night) at the threshold of a courtyard (neither indoors nor outdoors), and placed the demon on his thighs (neither on the ground nor in the air). Using his sharp nails (neither animate nor inanimate) as weapons, he ripped open the belly of the demon.

Narasimha is a symbol of courage, strength, and willpower naturally related to the martial planet Mars. Narasimha shows the Divine wrath necessary to overcome the forces of ignorance and evil. Worshipping Narasimha helps an individual turn his anger into Divine righteousness and protection of dharma, transforming and uplifting Mars energy.

Mantra to Kuja: Aum Kum Kujaya Namah

Mantra to Skanda: Aum Skandaya Namah

Mantra to Narasimha: Aum Namo Bhagavate Narasimhaya

It is advisable to chant these mantras on Tuesdays, the day dedicated to Mars. If you don’t feel comfortable meditating and chanting mantras, you can also write them down (preferably 28 or 108 times) in a notebook as an alternative meditative exercise.

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