Virgo Rising Sign Meaning and Characteristics in Vedic Astrology

This is the description of Virgo as your rising sign. The influence of Mercury ruling over this placement gives you profound intellect and thoughtfulness, which can be reflected in the contemplative look of your eyes. You enjoy studying, learning, and researching information. Your use of knowledge is practical; it inclines you towards finding practical application of what you have learned. You need to be careful not to pollute your mind with too much unnecessary information, however. Lack of discrimination in this area may lead to problems with nervousness and anxiety, which can be manifested physically as sensitive digestion or health issues with skin. Cleanliness and organisation are prominent traits of your character. You are patient and punctual. You can be good at budgeting and making long-term plans. If you enjoy working with numbers, this can incline you towards professions that involve managing other people’s wealth, such as an accountant or financial manager. In any case, you know how to work hard (to such an extent that sometimes you may not know how to rest properly) and you can also excel at service-oriented jobs. You can see the divine spark in little daily activities and mundane tasks.

As a feminine sign, Virgo rising enhances feminine traits in your physical appearance, whether you are male or female. It does, however, give you a high capacity for succeeding in athletic or martial arts endeavours and strengthening your body through exercise. You have a strong sense of form, line, and detail, which can make you a good craftsman or a technical-oriented artist such as an architect. It is important for you to live a healthy and clean lifestyle. When it comes to your dietary habits, you are more likely to choose organic and unprocessed food. You are truthful, transparent, and down-to-earth in your behaviour and speech. You respect boundaries and you are not prone to cheat or steal; you also generally keep your promises. You dislike dishonesty and you prefer to keep things simple and clear, though not simplistic. When you truthfully criticise others, however, you are tactful, polite, and gentle. You are not a very confrontational or overly aggressive person, but you often see how things could be improved or made purer. In relationships, you have a refined and gentle approach to intimacy. There is an air of innocence and shyness surrounding you. People may consider you an attractive and beautiful (or handsome if you are a man) person.

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